State Of Maryland
                                        Legislative Resolution

In April 1861, The Maryland State legislature was meeting Frederick,
Maryland, to avoid the occupation of the state capitol in Annapolis, Maryland.  
Because of the arrest of the members of the legislature who were sympathetic
to the South, the body could not vote on secession because of a lack of a
quorum.  Therefore, on this date in 1861 the following resolution was made by
the Maryland Legislature.

State Of Maryland
Legislative Resolution

Whereas, The war against the Confederate States is unconstitutional and
repugnant to civilization, and will result in a bloody and shameful overthrow of
our institutions; and whilst recognizing the obligations of Maryland to the
Union, we sympathize with the South in the struggle for their rights-for the
sake of humanity, we are for peace and reconciliation, and solemnly protest
against this war, and will take no part in it:--
Resolved, That Maryland implores the President, in the name of God, to
cease this unholy war, at least until Congress assembles; that Maryland
desires and consents to the recognition of the independence of the
Confederate States.  The military occupation of Maryland is unconstitutional,
and she protests against it, though the violent interference with transit of
Federal is discountenanced; that the vindication of her rights be left to time
and reason, and that a convention, under existing circumstances, is